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Friday, December 24, 2010

You Had Me With Your Steak, 7 Corners!

My Kuya celebrated his 29th birthday at 7 Corners, Crowne Plaza. The buffet was from 6-10 pm. Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic on a Friday night, we were stocked up in a bumper to bumper situation and was late for an hour. Good thing though, my Mom had an early reservation so we didn't have to wait in line for our turn to be seated.

Excited to eat

Seven Corners was named as such in representation of the seven stations found in the buffet. The moment we had our place, even though it was just a minute passed after we've seated, we immediately headed on to the buffet table. My first stop was the Japanese section. They had a variety of maki, sushi and of course they wouldn't fore go offering tempura. Of all the dish served there was this teeny tiny maki that really made a mark on me, because it was extremely hot, with a capital "H". It seemed like my tongue was really blazed on fire. This prompted me to cool down a bit and headed to the salad bar section (dessert on the early part of the dinner?). Their salad section was limited but I may say, their dressings were the ones that pulled it off.

The maki with orange seasoning was the one I'm referring to as HOT!


After which, I headed to the Italian section where they cater a " do it yourself" pizza. After getting a slice of it, I also grabbed a bread as a compliment which was next to the pizza station.

Next, I tried their dessert section that offered home made ice cream with assorted toppings to choose from. I would love to try some of their cakes but sadly, some of it was serve only on an "a la carte basis".

My homemade ice cream. My buko pandan dessert is also seen.

The moment I felt I was ready for another gastronomic battle, I headed to the seafood area where they had crabs, mussels, oysters and clams awaiting to be exhausted. I also steered my way to the table of Thai entrees where they offered different viands of flavorful concoction of spices that zested up the lamb chops, chevon, beef and pork.

BF's foodams

But, the highlight of the night in my own opinion, was the US prime rib steak that was served at one corner of the buffet. We directed the chef as to the way we wanted it to be cooked. After how many minutes of waiting, the smoking meat alas caught my attention. It was so big, that the steak alone had already made our money worth it. If only I could squeeze in more in my tummy, I could have ordered, another slice of steak. Nonetheless, that one prime rib steak already satisfied my hungry palate.

The king of the night: US Prime Rib Steak

All in all, Seven Corners didn't claim the grandeur of being the biggest amongst the list of buffet here in our country but the taste and the choices of food is more than enough to claim being one of the best buffets in the metro.

Satisfied birthday celebrant!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dulce de Leche Cake Turned "Pulutan"

While staying at a restaurant, my Ate handed Mom her birthday present which was a Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. After making a wish and blowing the candle, we partook some and ate it. However, since cheesecake requires refrigeration to maintain its shape, bit by bit, the walls of the cake started to crumble and that's when we realize, we have to consume it all at one sitting since we're still at the restaurant.

The cheesecake is like a yema rolled into a creamy milk. It's highly recommended for sweet tooths like me :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Listen to the Beat @ Bistro Mateo

For the 52nd birthday of my Mom, she decided to have a dinner at Tiendesitas particularly at Bistro Mateo. The place reminded me of an old, rustic, vintage house coupled by incandescent bulbs lighting the place. We stayed at the second floor's veranda since there was a concomitant wedding reception held inside and also for the other reason that a live band was playing outside which was my mom's favorite part about dining out.

Outside Bistro Mateo

Mom's choice of entree would be chopseuy, beef caldereta, liempo and calamares on the side. Their servings were somewhat smaller than the usual. Nothing quite distinct about the taste. But even though the meals, were a bit ordinary, the live band made it extraordinary. My personal favorite would be that guy with a Jason Mraz like voice. He could pull it off so heavenly that I could imagine I'm in one of Jason Mraz's gigs. I love how cool Jason Mraz's voice could be. "hmm, well you done done me and you bet I felt it.." haha. Still couldn't get over the beat in my head..

Calamares and Caldereta


Sadly, I don't have any pic of the wringer of Jason Mraz but their female lead singer is at the far part of the pic

Bistro Mateo is one of the feel good place where you and your friends could have a nice chat over a bottle of beer. Their viands may not live up to your expectation but the band and the ambiance could definitely pull it off.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Bistro Mateo
Tiendesitas, Fronte Verde
Ortigas Ave. cor. C-5
Bgy, Ugong, Pasig City
631-4367/0922 8148646

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