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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Listen to the Beat @ Bistro Mateo

For the 52nd birthday of my Mom, she decided to have a dinner at Tiendesitas particularly at Bistro Mateo. The place reminded me of an old, rustic, vintage house coupled by incandescent bulbs lighting the place. We stayed at the second floor's veranda since there was a concomitant wedding reception held inside and also for the other reason that a live band was playing outside which was my mom's favorite part about dining out.

Outside Bistro Mateo

Mom's choice of entree would be chopseuy, beef caldereta, liempo and calamares on the side. Their servings were somewhat smaller than the usual. Nothing quite distinct about the taste. But even though the meals, were a bit ordinary, the live band made it extraordinary. My personal favorite would be that guy with a Jason Mraz like voice. He could pull it off so heavenly that I could imagine I'm in one of Jason Mraz's gigs. I love how cool Jason Mraz's voice could be. "hmm, well you done done me and you bet I felt it.." haha. Still couldn't get over the beat in my head..

Calamares and Caldereta


Sadly, I don't have any pic of the wringer of Jason Mraz but their female lead singer is at the far part of the pic

Bistro Mateo is one of the feel good place where you and your friends could have a nice chat over a bottle of beer. Their viands may not live up to your expectation but the band and the ambiance could definitely pull it off.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Bistro Mateo
Tiendesitas, Fronte Verde
Ortigas Ave. cor. C-5
Bgy, Ugong, Pasig City
631-4367/0922 8148646

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