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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Gambasetti Experience at TOSH

I have read different raves about TOSH's Gambasetti and lucky for me, I was fortunate enough to try it one time. Upon arriving, I already had my Gambasetti in mind even before the menu was handed to us.

Front cover of the menu. My BF was bullying me that I was that girl on the menu.

At this point, my BF on the other hand, ordered Peppered Crusted Fish with Spaghetti in Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (hmm, sounds yummy). For drinks, I had Pepsi Light while my BF had Pepsi Max. I don't know if it was just me, but at that time, I was clueless that Pepsi Light was served together with a glass with lime. We even asked the waiter about that, and he reassured that it was for me. Haha, pardon my ignorance for that piece of lime.

Can you see my glass with lime?

Alas my meal arrived. Hmm, honestly, I really don't have that "master" taste buds that could differentiate pasta sauces. The only thing I knew was to eat.. Haha.. Well, for this meal, the sauce was like a wringer of McDonald's spaghetti, through its tinge of a sour taste. The only difference was that gambasetti has a bit of tanginess compared to our dear Mc Spaghetti. Aside from that, my plate was a heaven for seafood lovers. I had about more than six pieces of shrimp on my plate. I just hoped that they completely remove the shell to facilitate ease in eating.

Gambasetti P175

I know you might be expecting a review on my BF's meal, but unfortunately, even before I had to get a taste of it, he was already finished with his meal. Oh well, I'll just try it next time haha.

Pepper Crusted Fish with Spaghetti in Sun Dried Tomato Pesto P170


The Old Spaghetti House
3rd Floor AnnexBldg, SM North Edsa
426-TOSH (8674)
Allows delivery


  1. .. added the fact that it's affordable too :) thanks for dropping by :)

  2. too bad I don't visit TOSH that often. My last visit at TOSH was with an ex pa :)) The meals are forgettable though :( and somehow it's quite expensive considering that it's spaghetti :)

  3. @ hangingbridge.. hmm some of the meals are forgettable like their baked ziti, but their gamabasetti is quite ok for me :) thank you for dropping by :)


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