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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Megamind Day

One time during the sembreak, boredom hit Nong and I. We decided to meet up, and we then hit the big screen. This is not just an ordinary screen but a 3d one. Yes! IMAX it is! I might have sounded overemphasizing that fact, but honestly it was something new to both of us. It was our first time to watch it in IMAX theatre. Oh well, it seemed like were one of the last people who tried it. Haha. Nevertheless it's better than not trying at all.

Meet the cast ;'D

Shades on!

Our solo pics. Maybe next time,
I'll do better with my pose. It's kinda awkward.

The movie itself was fun. It was more of a moral lesson imparting movie in a lighter side. So what did Megamind, Metroman, Roxanne and Minion instilled in my mind?

1. "Heroes are made, they are not born."
-- We are the ones who should dictate what we will become. Life is not a one way street. It will always be up to us whichever road we choose to take.

2. True friends are forever.
-- Megamind and Minion's friendship were tested and remained strong through the whole battle. This made me long for my best friends. Hope to see them soon. ;'D

3. People are innately good.
-- No matter who you are, whatever your complexion is, whatever your background history is, no matter how many times you've been beaten for different accusations and no matter how many times you've been locked up in a jail.. he or she still has that goodness within. So don't ever judge right away.

4. Feel free to fall, someone will be there waiting to catch you in the right time. If it still isn't, at least you'll learn in the process.

After watching the film, we realized it was fun seeing the movie in 3d. Hmm, we'll try to save up for more IMAX flicks ;'D


  1. inggit ako..buti ka pa napanood mo na. i've also heard good feedbacks from my friends about this movie. I will try this sunday to watch megamind.

  2. I haven't tried IMAX myself (or any 3D cinemas) You weren't the last one. :D

  3. @ mel - it's quite fun watching it.. natuwa ako sa tandem ni minion and megamind.. hope you'll like it din ;')

    @ sheng - it was only after watching a 3D that we've come to appreciate it.. haha.. Hope you'll watch in a 3D theatre soon ;')


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