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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary @ Seoul Garden Buffet

My BF and I are undeniably big fans of food. Achieving that gastronomic satisfaction is one of the ways we bond. Honestly speaking, I noticed that we had fewer fights every time we were not hungry, or whenever we were criticizing some new food discoveries.

For our 3rd year of being together, we decided to try something fresh, which in general was also a recent addition to the list of buffets here in our country, the Seoul Garden Korean Buffet. Aside from the fact that I'm fond of Koreanovelas, I couldn't resist the Korean barbecues this restaurant has to offer.

The only Korean hint I saw. Haha.

We arrived at SM North Edsa at around 5 pm, 1 hour past the start of the dinner buffet. Yes! The dinner buffet starts at 4 pm and ends at 10 pm (haha, such a long time to savor the meals). The place itself has quite a modern look however it lacks any touch of Korean in it. The table is comparable to that of Yakimix wherein a grilling plate with a pot at the middle of the table was provided. They first asked what kind of soup we wanted. They explained that the soup will be used in preparing some of the food we've picked (just like the Korean way of cooking we see on TV).

The grilling plate with our kimchi soup.

The yummy sauces.

The buffet table was just a long table with different meats served soaked in a variety of marinades. We chose from teriyaki, bulgogi, curry, etc. I grabbed every dish I could, returned to our table and started grilling. I kept coming back to the long buffet table so as to have around the clock cooking haha.. The only thing though was that, once the meat was cooked, I couldn't recognize the name of it because it got mixed up through all the twist and turns on the grill. The only downside was that my armpit was like "ngawit na" with all the cooking I had to do, but nevertheless, it was all worth it. Once I took a bite of each, and every single meat, I could really distinguish that certain taste that differentiates one meat from the other. I couldn't remember how many times we came back to the long buffet table.

Before grilling..

After grilling. The product of our cooking

They served maki as well but my BF didn't like it.

Another heaven sent treat was that, it was a bottomless drink as well. In my case, I needed that! Their kimchi soup spelled H-O-T!! On one part of the long buffet would be an area where you can do your own bibimbap concoction. It's a "do it yourself" rice meal with egg on top. Lastly, the desert section had halo halo and ice cream. Even if this was only what they had to offer, it's enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

My pork bibimbap.

Our halo-halo.

Our ice cream.

Overall, Seoul Garden Buffet was worth the experience.

Busog na.


Seoul Garden Korean Buffet
Unit Ax1 225-226 The Annex 1 Level 2
SM City North Edsa, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 355-4006

Weekday (Mon-Thurs):
Lunch (10am-4pm)
Adult: 529.00
Child: 295.00
Dinner (4pm - 10 pm)
Adult: 585.00
Child: 325.00

Weekend (Fri-Sun):
Lunch (10am-4pm)
Adult: 585.00
Child: 325.00
Dinner (4pm - 10 pm)
Adult: 635.00
Child: 355.00

Student Meal (Mon-Fri exc. holidays):
Lunch only: 355.00
Just present your ID or registration card.

*Child are those 4ft and below.
: Prices are subjected to 6% service charge.


  1. Happy anniversary to you and your BF. Such a long time! That really called for a celebration. :)

  2. The prices are reasonable ha! :) Just one branch? What a pity!

  3. yup it is.. knowing matagal yung time alloted.. Hopefully magbranch out na sila so people will get a taste of it :) thanks sis :)


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