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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Signature Tomato

We first chanced upon Grilled Tomato when we were scouting the streets of Banawe for good food. At that time, we were almost the only customer eating (maybe because it was way past lunch time). The branch at Banawe is simpler compared to its branch at Tomas Morato. Interior wise, the one at Tomas Morato is more chic. Anyway, this is a fine place for cheap and affordable meals. For just a little over a hundred you will already feel satiated. I always order keema or korma. Just like what I have said in my previous post, I love their sauce to bits. The tanginess of the sauce made the meal more interesting.

Their name speaks for this pic: "grilled tomato"

Yummy keema

Their branch at Morato at the background

Keema lover
Beef Keema P80


Grilled Tomato
Address: Tomas Morato Avenue corner Sct de Guia Quezon City

Grilled Tomato
Address: Maria Clara St. cor. Banawe, Quezon City

3rd year, Second Sem

Whew! Gotta prepare for this really hard. Medicine is tough but I know I'm tougher! My past semesters spelled epic F-A-I-L.. So with this one, I want to see the old me, that old me back in pre-com years.. God bless and goodluck to me ;'D

Keema Overload At Mister Kabab

My boyfriend and I love to venture on food. One night, as he was about to drive me to Trinoma, I complained of a migraine attack. I really hate having one! I pleaded that we pass by a drugstore, so I could buy Doloneurobion (the only drug that is effective for me). We then headed straight to Mercury drugstore around West Ave. Since the drug has to be taken with food, we decided to dine in a nearby place. That's the time we found out Mister Kabab.

The ambiance was serene, edgy, yet classy. Lightings were slightly dimmed, which added to some of its drama at night. The place was jam-packed (as usual) when we arrived. We decided to sit by one table at the corner. I ordered keema while my boyfriend had some korma with beryani rice. To my surprise, even though the place was full of people, their service remained excellent. In just about how many minutes, the waitress was already serving our meals.

Sizzling Keema P100

Beryani P120

Sorry for the quality of pics. I loved both meals, especially when flavored with their sauces. I love Persian foods. They have that certain zzz-ing you're looking for in a blue plate. I appreciated how spicy their food could get. Quantity speaking, it was large enough to overload my tummy. Overall, dining in at Mister Kabab was worth our money. From the exteriors down to the taste of the food, it was two thumbs up for me.

I was very much satisfied! No more migraines after taking my medicine ;'D


Mister Kabab
Address: 31 West Avenue, Nayong Kanluran, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 373-5491
Open 24 hours

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Things That Made My Day on 10.26.10

S-T-R-E-S-S was written all over my face ever since school started. I confess, I really had such a roller-coaster facade. Our first semester of classes ended last week. However, a number of things were still pounding in my mind. Nevertheless, the 26th of October was like chalk and cheese. Today is the day that the Lord has made (la la la la).. So what really made me smile this day?

1. My phone. My phone applications eased my boredom.
2. My laptop. If my laptop's battery could talk, I could have been scolded right now. For the past couple of days, I have been watching Korean series. Pardon me because I find them more amusing compared to ours. Most especially, through my laptop, I had successfully created my blog.
3. Nongy. Basically, he was the bringer of good news.. ;'D

4. I passed Behavioral Medicine. This was one subject that made me cry because of fear that I might flunk it. Since no list was released at the end of the classes, I have spent almost six days contemplating about it. I even tried to read in advance just in case. Nevertheless, thank God, Dr. Ranoa was so kind in giving grades.. Haha.. We passed ;'D

5. Finally, with head up high I could say, it smells like S-E-M-B-R-E-A-K. This would be our last sembreak (hopefully) because after this, clerkship starts.

I will enjoy this to the very last drop..

Welcome to Me!

I welcome myself to the world of blogging.. I have done some blogs before. This one will be an exceptional because it is solely dedicated to the random thoughts in my head.. I hope you will know me better through this..

As you can see, I was once a straight-haired gal.

However, later, I decided to curl my hair for convenience..

Nevertheless, it is still my old self who is looking for an outlet via writing.

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