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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Gift to Myself for the Past Semester

Honestly, I just wrote down that title to lessen my guilt. ;'D

While waiting at Trinoma, I strolled around Landmark to see what might be prospect for good buys (but at that instance, I really didn't have any intention of purchasing some). What I was eager to find out would be their latest collection of long cardigans. I've pulled one beige out of the rack and a white crocheted one. I contemplated for how many minutes. I decided not to buy and just save it for some occasions. I strolled a little bit more, and I found myself at the shoe section. Ever since I was young I really had a hard time finding a shoe that fitted me well. I literally have big feet (not that big, chunky, chubby one but more of a slender and long type). When I passed by Janylin, I smiled with excitement because it was "50% marked down". The good thing about items being on sale was that the biggest sizes were the ones left behind. After a little scouring, I found this grayish-black and pink pump on the rack. The next thing I knew, I was already paying at the cashier. Ha Ha!!

They're adorable, ayt? ;'D


  1. So pretty! Yes they're very adorable! :)

  2. thank you :)I'm still figuring out pa when and how to use it though haha :)


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