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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Battle of the Laser Tag Arena

Laser tag was like a "counterstrike brought to life" idea for me only in the safer mode. For the past years, I've played on the two famous arenas in the metro: Lazer Extreme at Taguig and Laser Maxx at Greenhills. Having the same concept, I couldn't help but compare the two. Generally, the goal of the game was having the most number of points garnered from hitting your opponent (quite predictable huh!?).

Lazer Extreme in Taguig was considered to be the first laser tag arena in our country. The receiving area made me think I was like in some kind of Star Wars movie. From chairs, to tables, floors, entrance to the arena, all lived up to their space like theme. At around P170 we had the fun-filled 20 minutes of our lives. We were like kids thrown in the playground, crazily running around, chasing one after the other. I remembered having another round of a fight (just spelled how much we enjoyed the game). Their guns have names (mine at that time was Uriel), which was used to designate the top player of the game. The best among the rest would receive a free glass of iced tea.. yey!! Haha..

At the entrance to the laser tag arena

Our team haha..

Inside with our laser guns on..

Exhausted after the game

On the other hand, Laser Maxx at Greenhills is located at the roof deck of Greenhills. We had to go through numerous staircases just to find out alas the playing arena. Comparing it with that of Taguig, their receiving area was just the plain one,which was constituted of couches and chairs for the players awaiting for their turn. They had the same price with that of Lazer Extreme (170 in weekdays, 190 on weekends). The only difference was the allotted time which was 15 minutes at the Greenhills branch. Another difference was that there was no free iced tea for the top player, if you want one, you have to buy it for P25.

After the game at Laser Maxx

Hmm, overall I would give Lazer Extreme in Taguig a 4.5/5 while that of Laser Maxx 3/5 rating.

> Wear black! Unless you want to be the obvious target.
> Bring extra shirts. Running and playing will make you sweat like your basking under the heat of the sun. You don't want to smell for the rest of the day, do you?!
> Bring water I guess?!
> There are plenty of restaurants around Taguig and Greenhills so you don't have to worry on where to munch in after playing.
> Bring extra money just in case you want a second round of a game ;"D

Have fun ;'D


Lazer Extreme
4th Level Market, Market! Taguig

Laser Maxx
Greenhills Roofdeck, Greenhills Shopping Center


  1. my son has played at lazer xtreme taguig and alabang. we're near greenhills but he hasn't tried playing there :)

  2. The thrill of playing is really worth it. Between the two I'd rather choose lazer extreme. Good choice for your son ;'D Thanks for dropping by.. I appreciate it so much ;'D


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