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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Steak at Stake @ Snackaroo

It' was one of those free Leg Med days again c/o Doc Rebosa. My subsec and I decided to have our lunch at Snackaroo to maximize our 4-hour break.

Upon arriving at the place, you will consider it as a hole in the wall dining place along Kamuning. You might mistake it for a simple carinderia but wait until you get to taste their steaks. Their meals ranged from about P110-130. With that fair value, who could resist a sumptuous steak for just a hundred bucks. Sorry for I didn't have any pics of the steak because we were busy munching on our plates. The few pics I got were the empty plates and satisfied faces on us all.

After which, I ordered a take-out steak for my BF. My only comment was it was hard to eat it using a plastic spoon, fork and a styro, so better yet, just eat it at the place itself.


Address: Kamuning, Quezon City

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