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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wishlist 2010

Christmas is fast approaching and before the year ends I hope Santa will reward me with something coz I have been good this year ^_^

1. I want any 12 MP camera since my camera at present only has 7 MP. I want to give justice to the pictures I'm uploading in my blog.

This one would do :)

2. I found another collectibles item and that is LOMO cams haha.. I go gaga over these cute gadgets.

3. I love cardigans especially those that are long with unique cuts. For this year I hope someone gives me a brown one :)

4. My TV in my dormitory isn't working anymore, so instead of asking for another one, an IPOD speaker would do so that I can listen to the music surrounding my room. I found this cute Ipod dice speaker over the net. I want to have one :)

5. I want a gray sandals this time :)

6. For the next year, I want to give my Papemelroti planners a break and indulge on a bigger one like this witty planner.

7. Obviously I want girly items, and to top this all off, I want a vintage like dress such as this one.

Oh well, they are just plain wishes but it won't harm if all my wishes can come true hehe :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Art of Maki @ Omakase

Japanese food is one of my top favorite dishes next to Italian cuisines. They have this tendency to make me feel full even by just eating around 8-10 pieces of maki. My subsection in Med once dined in at Omakase at Greenhills. Poor thing though, my BF wasn't around that time. He's a sucker for anything Japanese and of course wasabe. When we arrived at the place, we were asked to wait a little because there were no vacant seats yet (See, their place was really jam-packed!).

When we're seated a little later, the hard job of ordering my maki took place. Being a first timer, I'm at a loss of what to tell the waiter, provided the names written in the menu were somewhat bizarre, like: Crazy Maki, Jurassic Maki, Seabreeze, Rock n Roll etc. The pictures on the menu didn't help me either. It just made me crave to order all haha. :) So I asked my dear friends for any suggestions and they said American Dream would be one of customer's fave. So I ordered that, as well as a rice bowl topped with Katsudon.

After which, I eagerly took pictures of the different Japanese dishes found on our table. When I reached home and browsed thru all the pics on my cam, I suddenly forgot which maki is which. Oh poor memory (Don't be like that to me during exams!). Help me name these beautiful dishes ;) haha :)









Eventhough I've totally forgotten their names, still, I would be confident enough to pick just any dish next time. Just like what this restaurant means which is "to entrust", I would gladly entrust my next food trip with this resto to be all so worth it once again. :)


Ground Level Connecticut Arcade
Greenhills Shopping Complex
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary @ Seoul Garden Buffet

My BF and I are undeniably big fans of food. Achieving that gastronomic satisfaction is one of the ways we bond. Honestly speaking, I noticed that we had fewer fights every time we were not hungry, or whenever we were criticizing some new food discoveries.

For our 3rd year of being together, we decided to try something fresh, which in general was also a recent addition to the list of buffets here in our country, the Seoul Garden Korean Buffet. Aside from the fact that I'm fond of Koreanovelas, I couldn't resist the Korean barbecues this restaurant has to offer.

The only Korean hint I saw. Haha.

We arrived at SM North Edsa at around 5 pm, 1 hour past the start of the dinner buffet. Yes! The dinner buffet starts at 4 pm and ends at 10 pm (haha, such a long time to savor the meals). The place itself has quite a modern look however it lacks any touch of Korean in it. The table is comparable to that of Yakimix wherein a grilling plate with a pot at the middle of the table was provided. They first asked what kind of soup we wanted. They explained that the soup will be used in preparing some of the food we've picked (just like the Korean way of cooking we see on TV).

The grilling plate with our kimchi soup.

The yummy sauces.

The buffet table was just a long table with different meats served soaked in a variety of marinades. We chose from teriyaki, bulgogi, curry, etc. I grabbed every dish I could, returned to our table and started grilling. I kept coming back to the long buffet table so as to have around the clock cooking haha.. The only thing though was that, once the meat was cooked, I couldn't recognize the name of it because it got mixed up through all the twist and turns on the grill. The only downside was that my armpit was like "ngawit na" with all the cooking I had to do, but nevertheless, it was all worth it. Once I took a bite of each, and every single meat, I could really distinguish that certain taste that differentiates one meat from the other. I couldn't remember how many times we came back to the long buffet table.

Before grilling..

After grilling. The product of our cooking

They served maki as well but my BF didn't like it.

Another heaven sent treat was that, it was a bottomless drink as well. In my case, I needed that! Their kimchi soup spelled H-O-T!! On one part of the long buffet would be an area where you can do your own bibimbap concoction. It's a "do it yourself" rice meal with egg on top. Lastly, the desert section had halo halo and ice cream. Even if this was only what they had to offer, it's enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

My pork bibimbap.

Our halo-halo.

Our ice cream.

Overall, Seoul Garden Buffet was worth the experience.

Busog na.


Seoul Garden Korean Buffet
Unit Ax1 225-226 The Annex 1 Level 2
SM City North Edsa, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 355-4006

Weekday (Mon-Thurs):
Lunch (10am-4pm)
Adult: 529.00
Child: 295.00
Dinner (4pm - 10 pm)
Adult: 585.00
Child: 325.00

Weekend (Fri-Sun):
Lunch (10am-4pm)
Adult: 585.00
Child: 325.00
Dinner (4pm - 10 pm)
Adult: 635.00
Child: 355.00

Student Meal (Mon-Fri exc. holidays):
Lunch only: 355.00
Just present your ID or registration card.

*Child are those 4ft and below.
: Prices are subjected to 6% service charge.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Ideas #01 - Personalize It!

"Life is like a box of chocolates" as quoted from one of my favorite movies. Surprises are just everywhere. It's such an overwhelming feeling to be surprised by someone, and at the same time it feels great to surprise others knowing that by your mere actions you've already made their day. I as a girl, typically love one, and it's like a hobby to me to look for surprises for the people around me. Here are some I've received and done for the past years:

1. Personalized Ref Cake

It was during those times I still lived in a dormitory during pre-med years. We were about to celebrate our first monthsary and to make it extra special we decided to give something as remembrance. In my part, since I didn't have enough resources for a laborious cooking, I decided to do a ref cake instead since it just required a ref (obviously) and the rest was up to me. For the recipe, I added cream cheese to the nestle cream and whipped cream in order to have a cheesecake like flavor. Crushed oreo cookies were also incorporated into the filling. To top it off, I spelled out my message using oreo cookies ;') My BF loved it. (He has such a sweet tooth)

2. Personalized Cake

During his 21st birthday, I ordered a cake online and had it personalized. I asked the baker to make a smiley face cake. For me, it symbolized his personality because he is my happiness (haha.. keso!).

3. Personalized cupcakes

During the Valentine's day, I ordered personalized cupcakes from the same person who baked the smiley cake ;') Yummy as usual ;')

4. Personalized chocolates

Before anything else, they're not ornaments, they're real chocolates! These two were given to me by my BF one Valentine. These cuties were made by Chocopix. What he did was give a soft copy of the desired photo to Chocopix, select the kind of chocolate design, and then they'll cater the rest of it.
The first pic was a choco box. It was literally a box with three yummy truffles inside. The second pic was like a choco lollipop. And the pic on that was a caricature of me that he asked his friend to draw (how sweet!)
The only downside, you have to eat it (if only I could preserve those, haha)!
5. Personalized cheesecake

This was also given to me by my BF. He ordered this from one organization that was selling those at the moment, and he had it personalized.


Unit 101 East Side Condominium
77 Malakas Stree, Pinyahan
Quezon City, Metro Manila 1100, Philippines
Phone: 920-5911

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Gambasetti Experience at TOSH

I have read different raves about TOSH's Gambasetti and lucky for me, I was fortunate enough to try it one time. Upon arriving, I already had my Gambasetti in mind even before the menu was handed to us.

Front cover of the menu. My BF was bullying me that I was that girl on the menu.

At this point, my BF on the other hand, ordered Peppered Crusted Fish with Spaghetti in Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (hmm, sounds yummy). For drinks, I had Pepsi Light while my BF had Pepsi Max. I don't know if it was just me, but at that time, I was clueless that Pepsi Light was served together with a glass with lime. We even asked the waiter about that, and he reassured that it was for me. Haha, pardon my ignorance for that piece of lime.

Can you see my glass with lime?

Alas my meal arrived. Hmm, honestly, I really don't have that "master" taste buds that could differentiate pasta sauces. The only thing I knew was to eat.. Haha.. Well, for this meal, the sauce was like a wringer of McDonald's spaghetti, through its tinge of a sour taste. The only difference was that gambasetti has a bit of tanginess compared to our dear Mc Spaghetti. Aside from that, my plate was a heaven for seafood lovers. I had about more than six pieces of shrimp on my plate. I just hoped that they completely remove the shell to facilitate ease in eating.

Gambasetti P175

I know you might be expecting a review on my BF's meal, but unfortunately, even before I had to get a taste of it, he was already finished with his meal. Oh well, I'll just try it next time haha.

Pepper Crusted Fish with Spaghetti in Sun Dried Tomato Pesto P170


The Old Spaghetti House
3rd Floor AnnexBldg, SM North Edsa
426-TOSH (8674)
Allows delivery

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hooked with "the Walking Dead"

I seldom watch TV series, because I fear I might get hooked up and forget I'm studying. Haha.. Even so, I couldn't help it! This series was introduced to me by my brother, and even though I have just watched the first two episodes, the more I get excited and all.. This series made me think of Plants vs. Zombies though. Anyway, here are some of the casts that made me stay glued to this series.. ;')

Andrew Lincoln as Rick
Jon Bernthal as Shane

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori

Steven Yeun as Glenn

Oh well, looking forward for future episodes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Megamind Day

One time during the sembreak, boredom hit Nong and I. We decided to meet up, and we then hit the big screen. This is not just an ordinary screen but a 3d one. Yes! IMAX it is! I might have sounded overemphasizing that fact, but honestly it was something new to both of us. It was our first time to watch it in IMAX theatre. Oh well, it seemed like were one of the last people who tried it. Haha. Nevertheless it's better than not trying at all.

Meet the cast ;'D

Shades on!

Our solo pics. Maybe next time,
I'll do better with my pose. It's kinda awkward.

The movie itself was fun. It was more of a moral lesson imparting movie in a lighter side. So what did Megamind, Metroman, Roxanne and Minion instilled in my mind?

1. "Heroes are made, they are not born."
-- We are the ones who should dictate what we will become. Life is not a one way street. It will always be up to us whichever road we choose to take.

2. True friends are forever.
-- Megamind and Minion's friendship were tested and remained strong through the whole battle. This made me long for my best friends. Hope to see them soon. ;'D

3. People are innately good.
-- No matter who you are, whatever your complexion is, whatever your background history is, no matter how many times you've been beaten for different accusations and no matter how many times you've been locked up in a jail.. he or she still has that goodness within. So don't ever judge right away.

4. Feel free to fall, someone will be there waiting to catch you in the right time. If it still isn't, at least you'll learn in the process.

After watching the film, we realized it was fun seeing the movie in 3d. Hmm, we'll try to save up for more IMAX flicks ;'D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To My Last Semester Before Clerkship

Dear 3rd year 2nd Sem,

Tomorrow, I'll be meeting you. I'm excited yet at the same time anxious on what lies ahead. The past semesters I met were really stern! What do I expect? I'm in the post graduate studies now, so I should learn to love those torturing scenarios. Masochistic as it sounds, but the real world is a lot harder if I wouldn't learn to cope with the slavering day to day rituals of reading, analyzing and putting into practice what I read. There were times I wanted to give up especially on the latter part when my emotions were really crumpled, but no! I won't!. I have lost the real me for quite some time, and I can't wait to welcome that old self once again.

I know you won't promise me a better semester nor would you promise me flying colors, but I'll do my very best this time to be at par with you.

Sincerely yours,
Tel ;'D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Battle of the Laser Tag Arena

Laser tag was like a "counterstrike brought to life" idea for me only in the safer mode. For the past years, I've played on the two famous arenas in the metro: Lazer Extreme at Taguig and Laser Maxx at Greenhills. Having the same concept, I couldn't help but compare the two. Generally, the goal of the game was having the most number of points garnered from hitting your opponent (quite predictable huh!?).

Lazer Extreme in Taguig was considered to be the first laser tag arena in our country. The receiving area made me think I was like in some kind of Star Wars movie. From chairs, to tables, floors, entrance to the arena, all lived up to their space like theme. At around P170 we had the fun-filled 20 minutes of our lives. We were like kids thrown in the playground, crazily running around, chasing one after the other. I remembered having another round of a fight (just spelled how much we enjoyed the game). Their guns have names (mine at that time was Uriel), which was used to designate the top player of the game. The best among the rest would receive a free glass of iced tea.. yey!! Haha..

At the entrance to the laser tag arena

Our team haha..

Inside with our laser guns on..

Exhausted after the game

On the other hand, Laser Maxx at Greenhills is located at the roof deck of Greenhills. We had to go through numerous staircases just to find out alas the playing arena. Comparing it with that of Taguig, their receiving area was just the plain one,which was constituted of couches and chairs for the players awaiting for their turn. They had the same price with that of Lazer Extreme (170 in weekdays, 190 on weekends). The only difference was the allotted time which was 15 minutes at the Greenhills branch. Another difference was that there was no free iced tea for the top player, if you want one, you have to buy it for P25.

After the game at Laser Maxx

Hmm, overall I would give Lazer Extreme in Taguig a 4.5/5 while that of Laser Maxx 3/5 rating.

> Wear black! Unless you want to be the obvious target.
> Bring extra shirts. Running and playing will make you sweat like your basking under the heat of the sun. You don't want to smell for the rest of the day, do you?!
> Bring water I guess?!
> There are plenty of restaurants around Taguig and Greenhills so you don't have to worry on where to munch in after playing.
> Bring extra money just in case you want a second round of a game ;"D

Have fun ;'D


Lazer Extreme
4th Level Market, Market! Taguig

Laser Maxx
Greenhills Roofdeck, Greenhills Shopping Center
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