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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Ideas #01 - Personalize It!

"Life is like a box of chocolates" as quoted from one of my favorite movies. Surprises are just everywhere. It's such an overwhelming feeling to be surprised by someone, and at the same time it feels great to surprise others knowing that by your mere actions you've already made their day. I as a girl, typically love one, and it's like a hobby to me to look for surprises for the people around me. Here are some I've received and done for the past years:

1. Personalized Ref Cake

It was during those times I still lived in a dormitory during pre-med years. We were about to celebrate our first monthsary and to make it extra special we decided to give something as remembrance. In my part, since I didn't have enough resources for a laborious cooking, I decided to do a ref cake instead since it just required a ref (obviously) and the rest was up to me. For the recipe, I added cream cheese to the nestle cream and whipped cream in order to have a cheesecake like flavor. Crushed oreo cookies were also incorporated into the filling. To top it off, I spelled out my message using oreo cookies ;') My BF loved it. (He has such a sweet tooth)

2. Personalized Cake

During his 21st birthday, I ordered a cake online and had it personalized. I asked the baker to make a smiley face cake. For me, it symbolized his personality because he is my happiness (haha.. keso!).

3. Personalized cupcakes

During the Valentine's day, I ordered personalized cupcakes from the same person who baked the smiley cake ;') Yummy as usual ;')

4. Personalized chocolates

Before anything else, they're not ornaments, they're real chocolates! These two were given to me by my BF one Valentine. These cuties were made by Chocopix. What he did was give a soft copy of the desired photo to Chocopix, select the kind of chocolate design, and then they'll cater the rest of it.
The first pic was a choco box. It was literally a box with three yummy truffles inside. The second pic was like a choco lollipop. And the pic on that was a caricature of me that he asked his friend to draw (how sweet!)
The only downside, you have to eat it (if only I could preserve those, haha)!
5. Personalized cheesecake

This was also given to me by my BF. He ordered this from one organization that was selling those at the moment, and he had it personalized.


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  1. aww.. so sweet!.. and yummy! :D


  2. Those cakes look yummy! I actually have this habit of looking at nicely decorated cakes whenever I feel down...

  3. @ mia: thank you.. yeah the baked cake and cupcakes were moist and yummy kaya binabalik balikan ko yung baker :)

    @ peregrinator: awww.. i hope you feel ok na :) thanks for dropping by :)

  4. the "personalized cheesecake" sounds good to me :) Your BF's so thoughtful.

  5. Personalized gifts are always the best! Love your ideas, just goes to show that it doesn't have to be expensive to let the person know how much you love him.

  6. @ hangingbridge: thank you dear, yeah he is.. parang baby boy yun eh hahaha.. thank you :)

    @ badet: yeah i agree!! For me it's a different feeling whenever you receive or give something personalized. It seems it was meant only for you. :) thanks for dropping by :)


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