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Friday, October 29, 2010

Keema Overload At Mister Kabab

My boyfriend and I love to venture on food. One night, as he was about to drive me to Trinoma, I complained of a migraine attack. I really hate having one! I pleaded that we pass by a drugstore, so I could buy Doloneurobion (the only drug that is effective for me). We then headed straight to Mercury drugstore around West Ave. Since the drug has to be taken with food, we decided to dine in a nearby place. That's the time we found out Mister Kabab.

The ambiance was serene, edgy, yet classy. Lightings were slightly dimmed, which added to some of its drama at night. The place was jam-packed (as usual) when we arrived. We decided to sit by one table at the corner. I ordered keema while my boyfriend had some korma with beryani rice. To my surprise, even though the place was full of people, their service remained excellent. In just about how many minutes, the waitress was already serving our meals.

Sizzling Keema P100

Beryani P120

Sorry for the quality of pics. I loved both meals, especially when flavored with their sauces. I love Persian foods. They have that certain zzz-ing you're looking for in a blue plate. I appreciated how spicy their food could get. Quantity speaking, it was large enough to overload my tummy. Overall, dining in at Mister Kabab was worth our money. From the exteriors down to the taste of the food, it was two thumbs up for me.

I was very much satisfied! No more migraines after taking my medicine ;'D


Mister Kabab
Address: 31 West Avenue, Nayong Kanluran, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 373-5491
Open 24 hours

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